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The production process of fiber glass

FRP spouting production process is an important link in the production of amusement equipment. Today, let's take a look at the precautions about the FRP spouting process.

Spitting is also the main method of manual molding of glass fiber reinforced plastic products. The speed of spray production is higher than that of pasting, and it has advantages in corners and bends. However, the wall thickness of glass fiber reinforced plastic products that use the spray method is not easy to control, and the strength is low. Amusement equipment The manufacturer, Aerospace Amusement, believes that manufacturers who use this process need to pay attention to the use of cloth and felt paste, which is more appropriate. Regardless of the type of spray machine you use, keep the following in mind:

1. The cutting length of glass fiber is generally more than 25mm, and the proportion of resin and glass fiber is appropriate;
2. Make the resin and glass fiber spray in the same direction, and the distance between the spray gun and the mold is appropriate;
3. The viscosity of the resin should be appropriate, and the spray state should be appropriate;
4. The ratio of curing agent and binder should be appropriate;
5. Adjust the spray volume according to the production requirements, and the thickness of the layer should be appropriate;
6. There must be a compliant spray room, and the spray room should be equipped with a treatment tank on site;
7. Pay attention to the use of explosion-proof lighting equipment at the job site to maintain proper illumination;
8. According to the uneven curing, cracks and other process conditions on the site, adjust the details of the spray in time.

The production of FRP is actually a key process in the manufacture of amusement equipment. Generally, amusement equipment manufacturers will spend a lot of energy and effort in this process to ensure production quality.

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