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Precautions for outdoor amusement equipment in rainy days

What precautions should be taken in rainy days when operating an outdoor amusement park?

Note 1: Safety first
In case of bad weather, it is very important to suspend business according to regulations and turn off the power supply in time to avoid the danger of electric shock and leakage due to electricity use.

Note 2: Drainage from rain
It is also very important to shelter the amusement equipment from the rain. You should build a canopy in advance, cover the equipment with rain gear, try to keep the amusement equipment dry, prevent accidents such as power failure and short circuit, and keep the drainage system unblocked and clean up in time. Accumulation of water on the site and equipment to avoid the situation of machine destruction and wealth being scattered due to being soaked in water.

Note 3: Clean up after rain
After the rain has passed, you can store the canopy and rain gear, wipe off the accumulated water on the amusement equipment, and check the connections, safety devices and circuits of the equipment to see if there are any abnormalities and faults. A large amount of bacteria will be brought in, so it is necessary to carry out an overall sterilization work on the equipment. You can use disinfectant water, detergent, etc. to keep the equipment clean.

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