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Classification and quotation of carousel

What are the classic amusement equipment in amusement parks? Many people may have a merry-go-round first reaction. Today's merry-go-round has become one of the favorite amusement equipment for tourists. How much is a set of merry-go-round? How much is the quotation from the source manufacturer? These may also be the concerns of the majority of investors.

Everyone must be familiar with the carousel amusement equipment. The record about the carousel first appeared in Europe in 1860, and there is an ancient legend about it. Legend has it that in the distant past, as long as two people in love got on the wooden horse hand in hand, the carousel would send blessings to them and take them to a happy paradise, so many couples were so excited at that time that they took their loved ones to ride. Although we can all expect the result, it also reflects people's pursuit of love and happiness at that time. Therefore, the current carousel is not only favored by children, but also popular among couples.

In terms of decoration, carousel can be divided into ordinary carousel and luxury carousel, and the difference between the two can be heard from the name; in terms of scale, it can be divided into 16-seat carousel, 24-seat carousel and double-decker carousel Carousel, generally speaking, 16-seat carousel and 24-seat carousel are more common, and there may be a price difference of 30,000-50,000. According to the operation mode, the merry-go-round can be divided into upper-drive carousel and lower-drive carousel. Investors should confirm their needs before purchasing, so that manufacturers can give reasonable suggestions according to their needs.

With the development of the cultural tourism industry, amusement equipment manufacturers have made great efforts in modeling. In addition to the common classic horse shapes, there are now some new types of carousel equipment on the market, such as the ocean-themed marine carousel. Tourists seem to have dived into the mysterious underwater world, while the animal-themed animal carousel It brings tourists into the boundless animal world.

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