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Big pendulum amusement equipment introduction

With the rapid development of the economy, people are also very concerned about leisure and entertainment. Friends who often go to the playground have seen different types of large-scale amusement equipment, especially the outdoor amusement equipment - the big pendulum, which is more popular among people. favorite. Whether it is a large playground, a park, or a children's playground, it exists in major venues, and in those exciting projects, the big pendulum can be said to be among the best.

The large pendulum is a large-scale amusement equipment that can rotate and rotate on its own. Driven by the four motors on the top of the equipment, the swing column accelerates and swings back and forth. At the same time, the large seat turntable will rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, and the swing column will reciprocate left and right. The movement, the amplitude gradually increases, the tourists enjoy the thrill and excitement in the process of quickly swinging on the ground and falling, and get rid of the shackles of gravity, so that the tourists are in a state of weightlessness, their minds are blank, and all their troubles are instantly abandoned by the gravity, So many tourists are lingering, reluctant to leave.

When playing the large pendulum amusement equipment, tourists are like sitting on a suspended chair, and a vast and blank area appears in front of them, so some tourists will feel insecure, and when the equipment is running At that time, despite the restraint of the safety device, I could still feel that I was about to fly out at any time. The whole person seemed to be in the air, and the accompanying feeling of weightlessness and overweight made my heart pound. thumping.

The reason why the big pendulum is so exciting is not only the sense of weightlessness and overweight it brings to people, but also on the basis of this suspended visual sense, the turntable of the seat will also rotate along with it, allowing tourists to enjoy While the big pendulum is shaking, it also has to withstand the rotation of the seat. Coupled with the dazzling lights on both sides of the equipment, visitors seem to be in a bizarre world and truly experience this dual dizziness and excitement.

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