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What are the types of amusement equipment in amusement parks?

What are the types of amusement park amusement equipment? As a large amusement park, many amusement facilities are bound to be configured. There are great differences between different types and sizes of amusement facilities, and their management, maintenance, input cost, equipment certification, etc. are different. There must be a complete amusement park amusement equipment including: powered amusement equipment and unpowered amusement equipment.

Power amusement equipment: A simple understanding is the amusement equipment that needs the power system to drive the operation. The maximum operating linear speed of large power amusement equipment is greater than or equal to 2m/s, or the operating height is higher than or equal to 2m from the ground. . Adults can bring children to play.

Including cable car, scooter, aerial tour, gyro, flying tower, carousel, self-controlled aircraft, water amusement facilities, racing car, small train, bumper car, battery car, sightseeing car Wait. There are also many new types of power amusement equipment on the market, such as Transformers, Egyptian Adventure, Air Force One, etc., which are different from the original traditional and classic amusement equipment.

Non-powered amusement equipment: A simple understanding is the active experience equipment that has the characteristics of amusement equipment without any unnatural external force and energy, such as naughty castles, bouncy castles, slides, expansion, rock climbing, etc. are non-powered amusement equipment ( Also known as unpowered amusement equipment).

In addition, the current VR amusement equipment is also very hot. It is a must for every scenic spot and amusement park. There are also 5D cinemas, haunted houses, handicraft workshops, mini KTVs, etc., which must be matched with amusement parks.

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